Materials for launching the mentoring program and training the mentors

All materials are under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 4.0
Authors: Carla Cederbaum, Sophia Jahns, Anna Wienhard
Contains materials and ideas developed by or in collaboration with: May-Britt Becker, Benjamin Cooke, Ingrid Daubechies, Katrin Grass, Mareike Kaina, Maria Rupprecht, Anna Schilling, Lea Schmid, Sarah Schott, and Michael Winckler. 

This implies that free use, modification, and further distribution are permitted, as long as the authors are attributed. They include:

  • a practical guide to implementing a mentoring program for women in mathematics,
  • templates for promoting, administrating, and evaluating the mentoring program,
  • a detailed description of the different modules of the mentoring training,
  • the necessary materials for the mentoring training.

We encourage anyone to use these materials at their discretion and to modify and adjust them to different settings as they seem fit.

The handbook is written by Carla Cederbaum, Sophia Jahns, and Anna Wienhard within the framework of the Priority Programme SPP 2026 Geometry at Infinity of the German Research Foundation (DFG). It is based on the experiences with the Math Ment♀ring Program at Tübingen University led by Carla Cederbaum and the UPSTREAM Mentoring network at Heidelberg University led by Anna Wienhard and Michael Winckler. Additional funding by Duke University, the Institutional Strategy of the University of Tübingen (DFG, ZUK 63) and by the Athene-Mentoring Programm, University of Tübingen, the HGS MathComp at IWR Heidelberg, the Excellence Cluster STRUCTURES, and the Research Station Geometry & Dynamics at Heidelberg University.

Handbook Mentoring Women in Math

Additional Materials:

Materials for the Mentoring Training

Materials for the Mentoring Training – Roles for the Vignettes

Materials for the Launch and Administration of the Mentoring Program